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The officers and staff wish to thank these donors to the USAWOA Scholarship Foundation.

(In alphabetical order)

Aberdeen-Edgewood Chapter, USAWOA (MD)

CW5 Bernadette A. Adams

Alfred C. Alexander, Jr.

The Ball Family

Francis Barbeau

CW4 (Ret) Edwin and Arlene Bauer Jr.

CPT Robert P. Beaulieu

Kevin E. Blevens

Dawn Brown

John Brown

CW4 (Ret) Bill and Rosemary Buss

Bragg Silver Chapter, USAWOA (NC)

Vincent Campbell

Ellis Canady

Barbara Carpenter

Willard & MaryAnn Cole, and Marga Lee Elkins

Michael W. Courson

Leonard R Crain

Crater Chapter, USAWOA (VA)

Don S. Cotton

Leonard C. Crain

Carl W. Dewitt

Mrs. Donna Engeman

Ann Engeman and Family

The Eugene E. Engeman Family

First State Chapter, USAWOA (DE)

First Tryon Securities, LLC, H. Keith Brunnemer, Jr.

Fort Hood Silver Chapter, USAWOA (TX)

Frank T. Geysen Jr.

R. Jonathan Goodwin

CW4 (Ret) Greg Gouty

CW4 Frank Geysen

Frank Geyser Jr.

Harold Griffin

CW5 (Ret) Lawrence D. Grout

CW5 (Ret) Randall S. Hansen

CW4 (Ret) John E. Hardiman

Margie Hartough, Half Hollow Hills Community Library

Hawkeye Chapter, USAWOA

Alicia Hill

Philip & Grace Hoerter

Mary Hootman

Marty Hupp

Cecil A. Hughes

Curtis C. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. N. Kester

Keystone Chapter, USAWOA (PA)

In Honor of Col. Mark Jones (by WOCC)

Christopher Landis

Angela & John Larson

David R. Latting

CW4 (Ret) Marshall L. Lewis

CW4 (Ret) Joe Lofton

Steven C. Loftis

Marleen M. Mahar

CW5 (Ret) Candis & Edmund Martin in Memory of 1LT Thomas Martin

Terry I. McFadden

Northeastern Region, USAWOA

CW5 (Ret) Ronald Peterman

WO1 Jeffrey G. Pivonka

CW2 Michael Rigney

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. J. A. Rush

CW5 (Ret) Richard Scalzo (in Honor of CW4 (Ret) Don Hess)

Phyllis Scalzo

CW4 (Ret) Frank Stamey

Star of the North Chapter, USAWOA

CW4 Edmund and Louanne Stephenson, Jr.

CW3 Joseph Swartout

CW5 James Thompson

Thousands Islands Chapter, USAWOA

Sooner Plains Chapter, USAWOA

Strategic Services Group, CW5 Poyas Haynes

Roy A. Valliant

Valerie Valliant

CW4 (Ret) Timothy J. Vreeman

Warrant Officers at FOB Salerno, Afghanistan from Scholarship Run

CW5 (Ret) James T. White

CW4 (Ret) Harry Wilson

James A. Woof

462 Herndon Parkway, Suite 207
Herndon, VA 20170
+1 703 742 7727

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